Students' Corner

Progetto CLIL 

Dear 8th grade students,
We would like to congralutate all your CLIL  accomplishments , all of you have done a great job and we appreciated your efforts and your participation in this new school methodology which was demanding but very challenging. 
We were very happy to realize that all of you were able to cope with 2 foreign languages quite well. 
Remember that foreign languages will be very important for your future!!!!!

Liebe SchülerInenn der achten Klassen,

wir möchten euch allen gratulieren, eure CLIL –Arbeiten waren alle sehr gut gemacht. Wir erkennen eure Anstrengung und eure Beteiligung in dieser neuen Schulmethode an , es war schwer aber befriedigend.

Thank you / Danke

The Language Teachers

Mrs. Laura Niero /  Mrs. Luigina Ricchio


Brilliant Student Activities on Biographies using the Past Simple

 Christmas greetings English


   Christmas greetings in German


I lavori dei nostri ragazzi in...LINGUA


During the flipped activities these students became teachers for a day and they did
a wonderful presentation of an English lesson in class :

1. David Rossi 3A
2. Lorenzo Rossi 3C
3. Pietro Bronzin 3D